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Known to have existed even long before dinosaurs populated this globe, some of the most deadly spiders happen to live in Australia.

But these ancient and fascinating creatures aren't all bad news. Research shows that they actually provide a very beneficial role in pest control themself.

Spiders play major ecological and agricultural roles as killers of insects. They make up 50% of predators in unsprayed cotton crops in Australia and up to 80% in China.

Their silk and venom are being used in fibre technology (transgenic bio-silk production), medical research (stroke treatment) and pest control (insect specific pesticides).

Almost all spiders are venomous, as they use their venom to catch and digest their prey. Therefore, all spiders should be treated with some healthy respect, as even less venomous ones can inflict painful bites.

The most venomous spiders in Australia, from a medical point of view, are the Sydney funnel web, the redback, the mouse, the white tail and the brown house or cupboard spider.

As it is beyond the scope of these pages to go into specific details of the various spider characteristics, we invite you to visit the very informative links provided above to learn more about their habitat and behaviour.

Also have a look at this guide to First Aid Procedures for Spider Bites, our Spider Identification Chart or this informative website about
Snake and Spider Safety Awareness.

And remember . . . Look, but don't touch !

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Did you know that . . .

Spider silk cannot be dissolved in water and is the strongest natural fibre known.

Spiders have oil on their body which stops them from sticking to their own webs.

After mating some female spiders eat the male.



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