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Small (2mm) and dark reddish-brown, fleas are blood-sucking insects that account for more than half of all dermatological conditions requiring veterinary assistance.

Cat- and dog fleas may also be intermediate hosts for the dog tapeworm. And once fleas are established in a home, they will not only find their food supply on pets, but on humans as well. They must feed on blood in order to reproduce, but can live for long periods without food.

Fleas remain in a pupal stage from five days to five weeks in the absence of hosts and emerge from their pupal case when vibrations from pets or humans let them know a host is near.

Those vibrations are one of the reasons why you may suddenly be attacked by an army of fleas when returning home after having been away for some time.

The usual flea bite has only a small red spot where the flea has inserted its mouthparts. And around that spot is a red halo with very little swelling.

Some people suffer more than others from flea bites, which can cause intense itching and often result in some secondary infection. They may even cause human diseases such as plague, typhus and tularaemia (also called 'rabbit fever').

Just about 10% of the flea population are on your pet. Flea eggs, larvae, pupa and the few adults that reside in the carpet, bedding and living areas make up 90% of the flea population. Neglecting this population of fleas will ensure that the flea problem will continue and get worse over time.

Some simple steps to Control Fleas around your house and yard:

  • Daily vacuuming - this is very important for overall flea eradication. It will pick up adults, eggs, larvae and pupae before they develop. Putting a flea collar in the vacuum bag and emptying the bag frequently is also important. Otherwise, the fleas will hatch, develop and leave the vacuum to re-infest. Dispose of the vacuum bag immediately.

  • Wash all bedding, clothing and removable furniture covers.

  • Apply insecticide by a professional exterminator.

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Did you know that . . .

A single flea can bite your cat or dog more than 400 times in one day. During that same day, the flea can consume more than its own body weight of your pet's blood. And before it's through, a female flea can lay hundreds of eggs.

A flea can jump up to 20cm high. That's 150 times its own height. If you could do this, you'd be able to leap over skyscrapers!

Under perfect conditions, a pair of fleas could have more than 20 trillion offspring in one year.



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