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Generally very likable creatures, birds in large numbers can soon become an undesirable pest. Building their nests in or on parts of your house, leaving streaks of bird droppings down walls and windows, or feathers and odours entering the house can soon make them a nuisance.

Common Indian Mynas, Cockatoos, Pigeons, the
Australian White Ibis and Seagulls are all too familiar visitors to our homes and gardens.

Mynas in particular are a serious problem in NSW as they easily adapt to almost any urban environment and often harm native birds.

Cockatoos are often found pecking at exterior timber surfaces of houses, and can in large numbers cause severe damage.

Ledges and eaves of building structures offer these birds perching or nesting opportunities, while plants and garbage around them offer the birds an easy food supply.

The risks and dangers of bird infestations around your building are mainly caused by bird droppings which can cause substantial damage to your property and impact on your health.

Birds cause indeed millions of dollars worth of damage to Homes, Industrial complexes, Commercial Buildings, etc. As bird droppings are very acidic, they will eat away almost any substance... fittings, masonry and paint can be seriously damaged.

Bird droppings and nesting materials also carry diseases and parasites that can pose serious health threats to your family and pets. Nests are full of dust from old faeces, and swarms of parasitic mites and other bloodsucking creatures.

Your house can therefore easily get infested with bird mites from abandoned nests under eaves and in roof cavities and attract other pests such as bugs and rodents.

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Did you know that . . .

Bites from bird mites can cause severe skin irritation and blotching, and are almost ten times worse than flea bites.

Common Indian Myna Birds

Mynas love nesting in roofs of houses. The accumulated droppings and mites are a breeding ground for disease.

Australian White Ibis




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