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PESTS ON YOUR PREMISES will ultimately have severe negative impacts on your business. Our professional, effective and efficient pest control services cater for a wide variety of businesses and industries...

  • Cafés and Restaurants

  • Convenience stores

  • Sandwich Bars

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Hotels and Motels

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Offices

  • Warehouse Facilities

  • Surgeries

  • Veterinarians

Adhering to strict HACCP and AQIS regulations, and in consultation with you, we treat your premises to be pest free and safe for your staff, customers and the environment; and aim to minimise disruption to your day-to-day commercial operations.

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Did you know that . . .

COCKROACHES can feed on a finger print left on a glass or the spittle left on the phone. They'll eat almost anything... soap, hair, skin, paper, their own droppings and each other.

A SINGLE FLEA can bite your cat or dog more than 400 times in one day. During that day, the flea can consume more than its own body weight of your pet's blood. And before it's through, a female flea can lay hundreds of eggs.

RODENTS can cause building fires started by short-circuits caused when they gnaw on electrical conduit.

SPIDERS eat only liquids. As they can't chew they inject poison to paralyse their meal and to turn it into a liquid that they then drink.

BED BUGS are documented as a pest since the 17th century. They like to travel and will hide in luggage and shoes to be near a food supply.

ANTS can lift 20 times their own body weight, which is about the equivalent of you lifting a car.



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